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Better knowledge retention

Learning spread over time increases knowledge retention drastically.

60% Faster

That's how much faster the learning curve is compared to classic teacher-classroom education.

26% Higher revenue

That's the profit made per employee in companies that let their employees practice and develop through eLearning.

50% more productivity

eLearning can help increase productivity with 50%. Each euro spent on eLearning results in 30 euro productivity.

And more benefits...

  • Companies are 46% more likely to be the leader in their industry with a robust learning program.
  • 72% of companies state that elearning helps them to keep up-to-date in their industry.
  • Companies that have a strong learning culture have been shown to do better in their market compared to those who do not.
  • Companies are 34% more able to respond to customer needs when they have a robust learning program.



Setup courses

Create courses, assign editors and let them create chapters.

Enroll people

Per course you can assign users. From that moment, the course becomes visible and can be read. Track who read what when.

Create learning flow

You don't need to show all chapters at once. By using a workflow you can decide to only show the next chapter when this one was read. Or you can even ask for them to take a test about the read chapter and they need to pass before they can read the next one.

Setup questions

Setup questions in different categories. Enrich them with images or video. You can choose how many possible answers (2-4) and what the correct answer is. This can be one or more answers.

Let employees practice

Per category you can setup practice questions. Let you employees train on a certain category or level of difficulty. This can be done completely anonymous.

Setup tests

See how well your employees are doing, setup a test. You choose the questions, your audiance and they are notified a test is waiting for them.


Use Cases

How can I use Quizm?

eLearning: courses

Setup all your internal courses, chapter by chapter, with the needed images, movies and links. Enroll your employees and give them a personal learning plan so they go through all needed courses.

Track the progress they are making and see when they read what content. You have the possibility to show a next course as soon as they have succesfully taken a test at the end of a course.

Test your employees to see how much knowledge they mastered. Let your employees practice on certain categories and levels of difficulty.

Compare regional teams to eachother and see where you can improve their knowledge, even when they've taken the tests anonymously.

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